what I do

I have been working with computers for more than 30 years. I began programming in basic when I was about 6. I have always had a passion for gadgets and electronics and find them relatively easy to understand.

For the past 5 years I have been working with a company in Adelaide in South Australia, developing a system which lets real estate agents easily order signs for properties on the market. The system also allows the staff of the company to easily track and monitor these orders. The system is built using the PHP scripting language and recently I have been using jQuery alot and incorporating visual effects and controls into the site. It is an ongoing project which allows me to keep up to date with new technologies and keep increasing my knowledge.

I am also working on a couple of smaller scale projects which I will hopefully release to the public at some stage. One such project is WebTrak, a system I developed primarily for my own purposes, to track time worked, and enable invoices and reports to be generated with just a few clicks of the mouse. This system uses CodeIgniter and jQuery to make it work.