About me

.:Who am I?

My name is Oliver Tual, I am a 30ish year old computer programmer, with a strong interest in web based technologies. I have been involved in computers since their inception as household necessities. Our first computer was a lowly ZX81, manufactured by a company called Sinclair back in 1981. This beast had a whopping 1KB of RAM which was expandible to 16KB This was the machine that ignited my passion for all things computery.

.:What do I do?

At the moment, I am working part time in a Convenience store, as well as contributing to several medium scale projects. I have built a couple of web based applications for companies in and around Adelaide, These are ongoing development projects and give me plenty of opportunities to increase my experience with web based technologies. They also give me the confidence to describe myself as a web developer.

.:What else?

Computer programming is not my only hobby. I am also an avid motorcyclist and I own a beautiful 2003 Kawasaki Z1000
2003 Kawasaki Z1000.
I have travelled over 100,000km on this awesome machine, a large number of those in the amazing Adelaide Hills. I have also taken my bike to the Malalla Race Track and experienced the bike as it is meant to be ridden. With no speed limits. I also love Football, the REAL kind. The kind where you use your feet. (soccer to some of you) I am English, so it is no surprise that I love the game. I am a passionate Liverpool supporter.